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The expandable Power Station off grid power plant

Your Power Station system is a self-contained, hand-assembled unit.

All components are imported, assembled and tested to be NZ compliant by our inhouse engineers.

With the exception of your solar panels on the roof, your off grid solar solution is neatly contained in two compact steel cabinets.

It’s designed to be easily stored in a suitable internal location such as up against a garage wall or in a separate, suitable garden shed.

  1. Solar PV panels (1) mounted on your roof or near your house capture energy from the sun and convert this
    energy into DC electricity.
  2. A solar Inverter/charger (7) converts this DC electricity into 230V AC electricity.
  3. Power is sent to the main house switchboard (3) where it is distributed to power appliances and lighting as required.
  4. The battery inverter can do two things: It can convert surplus DC power and store it or it can allow the
    batteries to provide power to the house by converting DC electricity into usable AC electricity.


solar off grid family

Energy is collected by your solar panels. It is converted by your all-in-one inverter system to AC power and sent to your home’s switchboard.

From there it’s accessed by your appliances and equipment as you need it.

During the day, energy that’s not used by the house is stored in your battery bank.

After dark or on dark days, the inverter accesses your battery bank and makes it available to be used.

Assuming there’s enough sunlight, the battery bank is replenished each day.

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