There is no difference between off grid solar panels and ‘normal’ grid tied solar panels.

This answers a question that often comes up.

When there’s enough solar generation (sun light), the panels simply produce power. Where it’s sent and for what purpose is up to you.

Panels generate power by capturing energy from the sun (as direct current – DC), then sending it to an inverter which converts it to usable power – as alternating current (AC).

It’s then sent to the distribution board (switchboard) of your house or property to be used as required, on demand.

How we choose off grid solar panels

When we design off grid solar systems, the focus is always on getting the biggest bang for your buck vs the costs.

For example, at the time of writing this in 2021, there is great value to be had with off grid solar panels of 380W per panel vs the price.

But we know that in 2022 that will more than likely change as solar panel efficiency and output increases.

So, it’s a matter of value, output and quality/proven reliability.

We also ensure that we’re providing you with components that we can stand behind. We do this by only supplying Tier 1 solar panels.

Tier 1 Solar Panel Brands

Nearly all reputable off grid solar companies in NZ will be supplying quality solar panels, including Power Station NZ.

In a nutshell, Tier 1 is an international standard that applies to only a very small number of solar panel manufacturers globally.

You can see a full list of manufacturers here.

The purpose of this standard is to give consumers like you the confidence to know that you’re getting value.

The Tier 1 standard includes manufacturers passing several stringent tests to quality and meet the standard. These include the longevity of the company, the strength of their balance sheet  and the degree of automation in their production process to reduce errors.

Value for money

We get questions every day about the type and brands of panels solar panels we use for off grid designs. Generally, these questions relate to concerns that most people have. They are:

  • Will I receive good value for money?
  • Will they do what you say they will?
  • Will they last?
  • Are there good warranties?

These are questions we can answer as part of our initial chat.

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