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Off Grid Solar NZ report 2023

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“If you are thinking about off grid solar, you’ll love my free 22-page ebook. It could save you thousands of dollars and a ton of stress”

My name is Roy Maddox, and I’ve been in love with the world of solar for many years – especially off-grid solar.

Some say in an obsessive way!

I have seen the industry grow from just a few solar outfits like us giving very technical engineering advice years ago, to now, where it’s almost silly if you own a property and don’t consider solar energy.

After years of helping lots of Kiwis around the country with off grid, I got tired of getting bugged by my customers.

They kept asking for a concise, all-in-one guide that they could read in one sitting, without having to do hours and hours of research.

That’s why I have written this comprehensive guide about off grid solar.

It’s updated for 2023.

There’s no hard sales pitch. Just good ideas, facts and options. It’s titled:

“The Ultimate Guide to
Off Grid Solar in New Zealand”

And I’m giving it away today. You can grab a copy if you click below.

Off-grid solar is growing fast.

Technology has improved, pricing has come down, and more Kiwis are building or living in parts of the country where there is no mains power.

What makes you the experts?

If you are asking why I am qualified to talk about this, that’s a good question. I am the co-owner of Power Station and its sister company SolarKing New Zealand. I’ve been at the helm since the beginning.

Because we’re importers and manufacturers of solar solutions (and pioneers in this field in NZ), we’ve installed countless systems and learned some hard lessons.

In fact, I reckon that knowing what NOT to do is just as important as knowing WHAT to do!

And I’m more that happy to share it with you.

If you are already living off-grid and want to upgrade to solar, then the ideas in my ebook could save you stress and money.

Have you had a painful quote to get connected?

If you’ve had a quote from your local power company to get your place connected, you’ll know it ain’t cheap.

Not only will you be stung just to get connected (some of our clients have been quoted tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars), but you’ll have to pay for the privilege of using their power each month!

There is another way.

A word of warning. Off grid solar isn’t for every girl and her dog.

In fact, we may end up recommending that you don’t do it! In my ebook I’ll talk about why that is… and lots more.

Go ahead and click below to grab a copy. Even if we can’t help you today, I promise you’ll come away after reading my ebook feeling more informed and better for it.

Thank you for reading this.

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When you download our 22 page ebook “The Ultimate Guide to Off Grid Solar in New Zealand”, here’s just some of the things you’ll discover

What is Off Grid Solar?

You’ll learn what off grid solar is, why it’s growing in popularity and why it’s become a viable and lifesaving option for some families and business owners

How Does it Work

We’ll discuss the ins and outs of the components and how it all works in a non-technical way. It all starts with the sun shining on your house and clever technology

What Size System do You Need?

Everyone is different. It is more complex than you might think. We’ll explain all the factors so you understand how we design the best system to suit your lifestyle

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes

We’ll explain 5 of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to off grid solar and how it could cost you time and money. It’s better to get it right first time.

What Will It Cost Me?

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to pricing. We will explain the process we use so you only pay for what you need based on your actual situation.

Options to Get Started

You’ll learn about your options based on your circumstances and budget. Are you just researching? Are you moving to a remote area? Are you building new?

Off Grid Solar box


What’s in the box? Everything you need to live off-grid and independently with no power bills

Off Grid Solar NZ Cabinets

We manufacture smart, self-contained power plants for your home, lifestyle property, bach, tiny house or building.

All of the key components  of your off-grid power station (except your solar panels) are housed in a smart, safe and sturdy steel box.

  • Fully self-contained for maximum safety

  • Comprehensive component warranties apply

  • Manufactured in New Zealand to a high standard

Pricing is from $18,995 inc GST. For more information on system sizes and pricing, call 0508 765 276 or click below to download our ebook below.

         (No risk, no obligation)


We went with SolarKing after a lot of research especially as we were low power users paying approximately $140 to $180 a month. Was it worth the investment? Clearly YES, as we now pay $25 a month, which is the fixed line charges somewhat reduced by our credits for exporting power to mercury energy. Installing it promptly and professionally within a day, leaving an aesthetically pleasing solar system with little if no maintenance issues. I would not hesitate to recommend them as your installer.

Mr Bolton, Waiheke Island

I am very impressed with the way you have handled the project. The installation was carried out by SolarKing installers for whom nothing was too much trouble, who made a very good job of the installation (which did present them with a couple of challenges) and left our place so tidy you wouldn’t know they had been here. If you could pass on our thanks to all concerned I would be grateful. It’s nice to find a company that takes customer service seriously.

Andrew, Bay of Islands

My name is Ray we have just had your company install a solar system at our house. I wish to thank all those involved with the project, each and everyone were a pleasure to deal with and made the experience very positive. We had been messed around by another solar company before coming to Power Station the positiveness of your company was like chalk and cheese. Again many thanks and I would recommend your company to anyone interested in the solar option.

Ray, Auckland

Off Grid Solar NZ report 2023


 “The Ultimate Guide to Off Grid Solar in NZ: 2023 Update”

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