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Our new ULTRA off grid solar systems using the latest technology are made in New Zealand and priced from $15,995 inc GST. The base system sizes below are a guideline only. Additional panels and battery modules can be added to each base system depending on your daily loads and the sunshine hours for your region. When you’re ready for a quote, get in touch. Our design service is free. Or, go ahead and Book a 15 Minute Phone Meeting at a time that suits you.



After more than a decade of designing and manufacturing off grid solar systems for New Zealand families, we’ve collected a bunch of Frequently Asked Questions. Click below to read the most common and popular questions we get on a regular basis. When you are ready you can get in touch for help, or book a 15 min phone consultation

The question that we get nearly every day that we help families answer is: “is off grid solar worth it?“.

Most of the time people turn to an off grid solar system as a solution because they have had an expensive quote to get connected. They need expert help  from us to compare costs because some of them are hidden.

The pricing for off grid solar systems is based on a number of factors and your individual situation. If you need a cheap and cheerful DIY system to power a few lights (and you are happy for it to last only for a few years), then pricing could start at a few thousand dollars.

There are tons of companies around who have popped up in the last few years who specialise in cheap solar – but that’s not us. Our focus is on maximum longevity. We use quality components, imported and assembled to code by us, in our factory in Auckland.

If you plan to own your property for the long-term (say more than 10-15 years), then we could be a good fit. Our goal is to give maximum long-term value and service.

Price Range

For a very basic tiny house off grid solar system with low daily power use, the price for a quality off grid solar system will start at $17,995 inc GST. You’ll need to pay for a generator and installation which is not included in the price. Talk to us about your your options.

From there, prices will increase based on:

  • Your daily load (how much total power in kWh you’ll use in one day in winter)
  • The official sunshine hours for your region
  • Your family makeup and power-use profile
  • Your goals
  • Other factors

You can view off grid solar system pricing at the top of this page for more detail about our ‘base’ systems.

We’ve written an article on 10kW solar system pricing in NZ that may be helpful.

As a guideline, small house off grid solar systems start at $27,995 inc GST. Medium sixed systems start from $38,995 inc GST and go up our Mega house systems that start from $59,995 inc GST – for the components only.

Finally, there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to off the grid solar. That’s why our free design service is available to give you options at no obligation.

Power Station New Zealand is a pioneer off grid solar company in New Zealand. Our parent company is SolarKing New Zealand which has been at the forefront of solar power in all forms, for many years. This includes commercial solar, grid tied residential, rural – and of course off the grid.

We were designing and assembling off grid solar systems when it was not that popular – over a decade ago. The battery technology was lead acid, and the output of each solar panel was less than half of what they are today.

We are different. Here are just a few areas:

  • Our focus as manufacturers is on innovation and direct importing of components for our off grid solar systems.
  • There are over 70 different components (excluding the solar panels and batteries) that go into your power plant.  We assemble and test all of those components at our facility by hand. You can view them in this video.
  • We move with the best technology available. For example, over the years have progressed from lead acid, to sealed gel to lead carbon and finally to Lithium Ferrous Phosphate battery chemistry.
  • Our clients are those who are seeking total peace of mind and maximum longevity. Their focus is on owning an off grid solar system that suits their needs – not their budget.
  • We have designed and installed hundreds of off grid solar systems just over the last few years. That experience means you can trust the recommendations we make.
  • Our design service is included in the price. Designing off the grid systems can be bloody hard for average people. There are nuances that can make a big difference to the price and final solution. While your local electrician might design a few systems each year, we design and install hundreds of systems a year!
  • While many of our competitors focus on the lowest price (at the sake of quality, longevity and service), we focus on long-term value for money and service.

It is true that we are not for everyone.

If you want to DIY your installation or want to import your own components, then we are not a fit for you.

If you need a low price there are a bunch of online businesses selling ‘kits’ who can help you. They are cheap for a reason.

We are manufacturers, not installers.

Over the years we have built relationships with qualified and approved electricians/installers in nearly all parts of the country. They will provide you with a quote direct to save you money.

Power Station off the grid solar systems are designed to be installer-friendly. The components (with the exception of the battery modules and panels) are pre-installed, tested and compliant with NZ and Australian regulations.

Much of the installation work is done for you at our factory at 3 Vega Place, Auckland. This means you’ll often pay a lot less for installation compared to other companies or electricians who will need to spend a lot more time on site.

We can provide you with an installation estimate, once we’ve helped you with the sizing and design.

The first step in designing off grid solar systems (especially if you have a project that needs power within the next 12 months), is to get in touch for an initial phone call or video call.

Here is a list of the basic information we need, and the things to discuss:

  • Are we a good fit for you? If not – there may be other people we can refer you to if you don’t fit our criteria.
  • Is going off the grid financially viable? Is it cheaper and better to get the power connected?
  • Is your installation for a new-build or are we taking an existing house off the grid?
  • What’s the address (needed for sunshine analysis)?
  • What is your timing and motivation for going off the grid (like most people we deal with, it may be too expensive to get the power connected)?

Load Evaluation

Once we determine that we are a good fit, we get straight into helping you with a Load Evaluation. Rather than sending you a form to fill out (which can be truly confusing), we’ll do it with you over the phone – no preparation needed. Your daily power use gives us an idea of sizing (and price).

There’s also a ton of questions that need to be asked – some of them may surprise you. They also help us with our final recommendations.

But that’s not all: We’ll help you with practical advice with different appliances, hot water heating, cooking, internet and space heating.

Once that’s done, we’ll prepare a detailed report for you to consider along with all the details and pricing.

Our service extends to coaching and giving you the full benefit of hundreds of different off grid solar system scenarios from others like you.

When you accept our proposal, we’ll help to deal with architects and builders if needed and connect you with an approved installer where we can.

Please get in touch to learn more. There is no charge for our design and consulting service.

If you are time poor (like many of our clients), the first step is to call us or arrange a call.

There’s so much misinformation available online. It will drive you nuts trying to figure it out, especially if you are new to the subject of off grid solar systems.

If you want to research a bit first before having a conversation with us, here’s where you can start:

  • If you haven’t already – go ahead and download our Off Grid Solar Report – updated for 2023. Everything you need to know about off grid solar systems is in this 22 page document.
  • Think about whether we could be a good fit for you. If you are seriously constrained by your budget, wanting to do-it-yourself or need a system based on your funds (rather than what you need), then we may not be good for you.
  • Go ahead and watch the video which explains how our off grid systems work

Finally, as designers and engineers, our primary role is not to try to ‘sell’. We have a responsibility to provide you with the best information based on the details and information you provide us.

We have a duty of care that we take seriously. Because of this, you’re in control.


The components that go in to our New Zealand made, off grid solar systems are carefully chosen and tested from these local and overseas suppliers


Wow. You’ve made it to the bottom of the page. That’s a lot of scrolling. If you are ready to take the next step please get in touch, or click on any of the options below to learn more. Thank you for reading this far.

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