The sizing of your off grid system requires some thought.

How will your power use change over the next 10-20 years? It can be hard to know, but this is an important question to ask, especially if you need an off grid system system that allows for expansion.

Not all components allow for an increase in power use. We can explain when we speak during our phone consultation.

As well as understanding your off grid solar mindset from the previous article, having an idea about your future power use will be important to consider.

But for now, have a look below at where you may typically fit when it comes to the correct off grid system that suits your family and situation.

Key Questions

Maybe you have young children or plan to start a family? Perhaps you’ll want a spa pool or swimming pool in the future.

Or how about an electric vehicle? Perhaps you have children leaving home and your power needs will decrease with the exception of holidays or Christmas time.

The answers to these types of questions will steer us towards to ideal solution for you.

Choosing your Off Grid System

After helping lots of families over the years, there are generally three main categories of energy profile. Have a look below, to see where do you fit.

A: Stable & Conservative Power Use

As a stable and conservative power user, you may be a retiring or retired couple who is downsizing or moving to a smaller property.

You plan to live conservatively and have no desire to add other heavy-draw appliances or equipment.

B: Increasing Power Use Over Time
You may be a retired couple planning to add an EV or spa pool in the future.

Or, you could be a family with school-aged kids. As they grow, will have an increased demand for power-hungry appliances and devices.

C: Decreasing Power Over Time
You may be a grown family with teenage or adult children. They may be leaving home in the near future.

Overall power use may decline over time, but with occasional increases at holidays or when children move home for short periods.

Are you ready for the next step? For a free consultation to get in touch now please click the button below or the following link get an overview of off grid solar in New Zealand.

The first step is to consider the sizing questions above and to do a Load Evaluation with you over the phone.

Using the NZ Government’s GENLESS tool, and our own data, we’ll find the right answer together.